Shore side monitor

Marine Solutions


A main concern for superintendent engineers or fleet managers in shore side, is to be able to check with a quick look the state of vessel, be informed for the critical alarms and the overall performance of the ship. Dcontrol has designed, Remote Monitor System, where logs data from the major information of the ship and transmit them to a cloud application, where shore side engineers can have access. RMS is basically a data logger system which logs all necessary data in a tight time interval (15 sec or 1 min or 5 min). The data logger equipment is installed on board vessel and is capable of keeping the historical data, till send them to cloud portal.

The critical data transmitted are:

  • M/E RPM, Power, Torque, Pitch
  • D/G Operation
  • Navigational values (GPS, Wind, Depth, HDT, Rudder)
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