Power management

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Steady and reliable power is guaranteed by the SPower Management system, a complete solution in vessel’s power needs. Integrates diesel engine control and protection, synchronizing between several gen sets and ensuring safe distribution of power in an environmental friendly manner.

SPower system is based in Deif controllers, which holds all the essentials parts of D/G operation, when a 15″ or 12.1″ touch monitor displays all information for engineer’s convenience. Each generator has its own independent controller. All controllers communicate with each other through Canbus network, providing reliable and fast decisions for optimum operation and steady power, without any power loss.

The SPower system offering:

Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual Modes
D/G monitoring and control
D/G voltage and frequency control
Diesel engine safety and start/stop
Automatic Synchronizing
Automatic Load Sharing
Circuit breaker synchronize & connect
Bus line voltage and frequency control

Power Management system can be integrated in Alarm and Monitoring system, providing central monitoring of all diesel generator alarms, as well as control from the Engine Control Room. It supervises the entire power plant, and takes actions preventing system fails.

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