Marine Solutions


Dcontrol provides retrofit services, in onboard automation systems, like alarm and monitoring software, tank level monitoring, power management, stand-alone automation systems. New capabilities can be addressed, all heading to a safer operation, in a constantly more and more demanding environment. Replacement all old/obsolete electronic equipment with state of the art Industry 4.0 systems takes place, according to the needs and already installed infrastructure. Our skilled engineers with excessive experience in replacing old equipment, can deliver retrofit services, in terms of design, installation and commission, with guarantee success, in a tight timeframe. Modernization comes using state of the art automation equipment, with Ethernet communication capabilities, in a secure framework, providing new possibilities to engineering stuff, to recognize and respond in any malfunction or faulty situation.

Old equipment, which has been replaced, by our engineers:

  • Legacy Schneider (telemecanique)
  • MarineLink
  • Praxis
  • Damatic
  • Autronica
  • Servo Watch
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