HSC Power Jet

A/C Upgrade

HSC Power Jet

Project details

HSC Power Jet
Replacement of old A/C automation system has been delivered by Dcontrol, in High Speed craft Power Jet, operating in Greek waters. The retrofit includes a total replacement of main controller, by new M580 series PLC, two HMIs for control and monitoring the process and finally replacement of all fifteen fancoil controllers with M221 PLCs. The system controls four screw-type compressors, for adjusting the tempearature in all vessel areas. Local monitorng providing by one 10.4 inch HMI in A/C room, along with remote moniting form wheel-house.

The systems installed:

  • M580 PLC from Schneider Electric, Certificates: LR, DNV, ABS, BV
  • M221 Logic PLC, Schneider Electric, Certificates: LR, DNV, ABS, BV
  • HMI touch screens, Schneider Electric
  • Ethernet communication with Modbus over TCP/IP