Wheel house central Conning Station, has been specialty designed to fit in any bridge console, with 15″, 17″, and 19″ inch monitors with screen ratio 5:4. Moreover, a Full HD resolution screen has been designed for custom costumer needs. Marine monitors with dimming function, presenting all the necessary information in a graphical manner.

Vessel’s Captain and the navigator have the opportunity to access to key information in a easily and efficient manner. Conning Station screen can be integrated in Alarm and Monitoring system IMACS, and inform the bridge staff for alarm status as well.
Supports information from the major navigation instruments, as well as the state of the Diesel Generator and the propulsion Main Engines.

In detail:
– Main Engines state (rpm, shaft rpm, pitch)
– Diesel Generators State (Run, Load)
– Bow Thruster Operation
– Rudder Angle
– Heading
– Water Depth
– Wind Speed/Direction
– Temperature
– Steering Gear Pumps
– Rate of Turn


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