Marine automation projects designed, developed and delivered by Dcontrol the last years are:

my Nourah of Riyad

Dcontrol has designed and installed the new alarm and monitoring system in my Nourah of Riyad. The new system added Main Engine information gained from Caterpillar J1939 controllers.

my Athina III

After a major yacht retrofit, a complete alarm and monitoring system was developed, involving monitoring in Main Engines, Diesel Generators, Tanks, Bilges, Fire alarms, Reefers.

my Suerte

Dcontrol undertook the alarm and monitoring replacement of my Suerte, with two main redundant servers and six client stations (Wheel House, Crew Mess, Cabins, Bunker stations).

my Ancallia

A new alarm and monitoring system delivered in my Alcallia, including Caterpillar Main Engines, D/G, Power management monitoring, Tanks gauging.

my Lady Sarya

A small, flexible system has been chosen for my Lady Sarya, with one HMI station in ECR. Monitoring Electric Power system, and Diesel Generators has been delivered successfully, updating the existing MSB system.

my Alexander

After a big retrofit in Main SwitchBoard and Power Management system, Deif monitoring system has been developed to address all information from PMs, giving the opportunity to engineers to visualize all alarms from ECR.

mv Pacific Princess

Automation control for Emergency Diesel Generator has been developed by Dcontrol. Based on M221 Schneider Electric’s PLC, the system controls the activation/shutting down of the EDG.

my Atlantis II

A complete design, programming and commission of A/C automation system has been delivered by Dcontrol in my Atlantis II.

my Alexander DG

New design and replacement of existing D/G MAN controller has been addressed by Dcontrol. New PLC for normal operation and one for safeties has been delivered.

mv Ocean Atlantic

During a major retrofit, diesel generator monitoring has been supplied and installed in mv Ocean Atlantic. Two 12 inch HMIs has been delivered for visualize all four D/Gs alarms and state of operation.

Ro-Ro Glykofilousa V

Monitoring of two MTU engines in new build Ro-Ro Glykofilousa has been delivered by Dcontrol. Again two HMIs are responsible to bring visualization to wheel house for the two MTU M/E.
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